7 Most Creative Ideas For Holi Party To Host Festival At Home

PUBLISHED: February 21, 2019

The festive mood is gearing up as the festival of color Holi is approaching rapidly. As India is a country of mix culture, people across the country celebrate in different ways. However, one thing is common that is loudness. People enjoy the festival with full zest and zeal. Youths have started thinking Ideas for how to host the best Holi party at home. There are some traditional Holi party decoration ideas but new generation loves to enjoy Holi in modern ways. Event organizers pursue the best ideas for Holi party. They organize loud and energetic events to celebrate the festival.

So, if you are wandering for the best Ideas for Holi celebration at your home, here we tell you how you can make this holy memorable. There are some Holi theme party decorations in the trend which you can choose for the Holi celebration at home. The best Holi party decoration idea is going with eco-friendly Holi. You can also pick a Holi event Idea to make a magnificent festive atmosphere at home by featuring music, dress code, rich foods, and beverage. You can also adopt a waterless Holi celebration. This Holi party idea is important because unfortunately, in modern times Holi does not stand for very health-friendly. Like other festivals, Holi is also swallowed by over commercialization which resulted in a source of environmental degradation.

So, Here Are Best Ideas For Holi Parties:

  1. Attractive Invitation 

Inviting your besties in a very effective manner would be a very good idea for the Holi party.  First, make a list of invitees. Make beautiful invitation cards featuring best group pictures. Do send gulal and home cooked Holi special dishes. This will motivate them to join your Holi party at your home. Do make follow up by calling them and involve them while deciding Holi theme party decorations. The efforts from your side will push them to join you at the Holi.

  1. Music Holi Party At Home 

The festival of colors cannot be imagined without music. So, make a Whatsapp group for discussing the

Holi theme party decorations and ideas for the Holi party. Prior selection of music will help you to enjoy the festival hassle-free. Do note down the favorite songs of every invitee, so that they can feel that this is their Holi party. Along with Holi special songs- Holi Ke Din (Sholay) to Holi Khele Raghuveera (Baghban), Ang Se Ang Lagana (Darr) to the latest ones like Do Me A Favour Let’s Play Holi (Waqt- The Race Against Time) and Balam Pichkari (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani), do download some contemporary jazz music to shake leg.

  1. Select Food

In India, no festival is completed without exclusive cuisines. Here you need to be care full. Go through the list of invitees carefully and if possible add at least one favorite dish of everyone in the menu. In north India, Holi foods include Dahi bade, Pua, Puri, Mutton Korma,  Biryani, Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Paneer Tikka and Sweets. However, this would differ in East, West and South India.

  1. Make a variety of beverage 

Holi is half enjoyed without a glass of bhang-laced thandai. So, arrange bhang for your invitees. You should also arrange cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, and soft drinks through the party.

  1. Conserve water 

Holi celebration with eco-friendly way will attract regard from the invitee for you.  Waterless dry Holi celebration will be the best way to celebrate without wastage of the water. Don’t go with local pukkaa colors, instead opt for organic colors and gulal, which are easily available in the market.

  1. Dress code 

Youths are very sensitive for their look and appearance so chose a Holi theme for the party decorations and request invitees to wear dress code. A uniform dress in the Hoi party will make your Holi event more attractive.

  1. Holi with flowers 

This is the most environment-friendly Holi. Instead of harmful colors, flowers can be a very good option. Do buy kilos of flowers of different color and mix them. Distribute them among participants and throw on each other like balloons.

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