Best Amusement Park and Water Parks in Chandigarh

PUBLISHED: May 8, 2019

Hot summer has put north India on ablaze with scorching sun and irking heat wave. People badly look for a chill place to hang out. In the summer, the hot weather really makes life very uneasy. The capital of Punjab and Haryana- Chandigarh also sees severe heat-wave conditions as the mercury continues soaring in the city. The entire city turns into a heat chamber. Additionally, boredom and monotonous mood increase the level of annoyance. Though Chandigarh experiences extremely hot weather, the city offers some outstanding spots to chill out and cool off. So, what could be the better idea than beating the scorching heat of Chandigarh by embracing cascading waterfalls, thrilling rides and crystal blue pools in this week? Here’s good news for you that will give you a sigh. The city has a full stocks of amusement parks with Punjabi tardka (flavour). Water parks in Chandigarh provide a range of fun activities for all the age-groups to give relief from the irking weather.
Chandigarh, one of the most popular tourist destinations in North India for the nature lovers, has a pool of world-class amusement parks. During the summer, people from all walks of life do come to water parks located around the city. With the amazing aqua look and thrilling rides, the water park offers a house of water where you can shed the irking hot weather. The water parks come to life during summer as a magnificent view of the sky and greenery area make the atmosphere vivid.

Chandigarh is one of the most developed cities in India. As Bengaluru is an educational hub, a huge number of students live in the town. The presence of youths in large numbers keeps the town always on, energetic and glamorous. The city offers so many facilities for the entertainment dose during the summer. Hospitality companies built several grand amusement parks where youths can get respite from the annoying summer. There are some big DJs and dance stages in the parks where one can enjoy the rain dance. Amusement parks are also a great place for celebrating a personal event like a marriage anniversary and birthday party. The ambiance inside the park is very youth-friendly and it lifts visitors’ mood. One must visit the water park to release stress and have super fun.

The amusement parks unfold red carpet for the visitors that leads to the awesome pastime. Amusement companies arrange luxurious parties at an affordable rate at the parks. They offer packages at different ranges of the rate so that people can pick tickets as per their affordability. If you love a loud and vibrant atmosphere, you must visit the amusement park in Chandigarh. Few companies organize live concerts for those who love dance and rock and pop music event. No entertainment list is complete without Punjabi music. So, these parks play rocking Punjabi songs to enjoy the flavor of Punjab.
The amusement parks are featured with so many fun activities that help in the battle against the summer. Organizers of these parks hold water games, sports events, live shows and adventurous activities. Water pool games, rain dance, exciting rides, swings, swimming pools, and other features keep the annoying heat at bay. Parks are also a suitable place for your family members, including children for the pastime. There are some children-friendly water parks where you can take your children. These parks meet all the safety standards for the kids.
These parks have one more special reason to draw you in that is the food zone. There are grand eateries and restaurants in the parks where you can satisfy your taste- buds by having delicious foods and rich beverages.
You can plan for a get together with friends and family members at water parks and amusement parks. Amusement parks also organize some mega events starring top performers. There are so many artists- singers, musicians and dancers who perform in the live shows at amusement parks in Chandigarh. They leave the audience awestruck by their superb performances. Some big names of Bollywood and Punjabi film industry are invited to perform at the event organized at the parks. Their performances electrify the entire atmosphere and you would be bound to shake a leg with your friends. So, if you are in the city, don’t give a miss to the water parks.
As the city is just 4 hours away from Delhi-NCR, people reach the city to beat the heat. Chandigarh is always known for the high spirited flamboyant people and the reflection can be seen inside the water park. Water Park, indeed, is a one-stop point during summer where you can get ultimate entertainment with an awesome experience of water games. The park has sports pools, a variety of slides, flumes, water showers for the rain dance, music, and other interesting features. It offers several games for different age categories. There are separate segments for children and thrilling slides for adults.
Here is something special in the store for the adventurous people. These parks offer some scary but exciting segments of adventurous activities. People who love thrilling and exciting activities must visit multi-theme parks. Theme park provides unlimited exciting features and segments. Once you go there, you will return with the lifetime unforgettable memories.
Here is a list of water parks in Chandigarh to chill out:

1. Fun City

Fun City, the oldest amusement park in the city, is an awesome getaway destination for those looking for some respite from the annoying summer. Started in 1995, people flock here to rid the heat off. Located in Panchkula, approximately 20 kilometers away from Sector 17, fun city has more than 20 hydraulic rides. It is also featured with 17 water slides, an activity pool, six landing pools, and a wave pool. All the water slides are in different lengths and shapes that attract children. Children below 3 feet in height and above 65 years old don’t need tickets. Fun City offers free entry. The water park is remained open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. The tickets are available on several websites and mobile apps.

2. Thunderzone

Started in 2002, Thunderzone Amusement and Water Park offers a very good option to have a fun time in Chandigarh. People from across the state visit the park to enjoy the wide range of rides and water-based fun activities. The park is featured with 12 rides including the Columbus, the Octopus, the Swinging Chairs, the Striking Cars and many others. It has a slide pool with four different slides, each starting from a height of 30 feet and meant for adults. The wave pool gives six different types of waves. There is a kiddie pool with four different slides for children. There is a special ride called Hira Kari which is a slide one must check out. The park also cares of kids and toddlers offering a fun zone section meant for toddlers.

3. Aqua Village

Aqua Village is one of the latest amusement and water parks near Chandigarh. The park has all modern rides and slides in the water park in Chandigarh. Located in Pinjore, the park is featured with wave pools, rain dance floor and other fun giving rides. Aqua Village is a children-friendly park where you can take your kids to beat the heat.

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