Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

UPDATED: February 8, 2019

The present time, I guess there would be no one who will not be able to answer what is Valentine’s
Day. One may not know the amusing history behind this beautiful two words but one would
definitely can say that it is the day of love. A day that is celebrated by every people who are in love,
be it a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend or between two friends.
But how this day came into existence? It came with the name of Saint Valentinus, whom the
Western countries honor and celebrate it as the Christian feast day. So, Valentine’s Day is perceived
as a noteworthy social, religious, and business festivity of love and romance in numerous areas
around the globe, in spite of the fact that it's anything but an open occasion in any nation. But in the
middle ages, English poet Chaucher linked this day with the romantic love and thus slowly 14 th
February turned into a day of love, when couples express their love for each other in different ways.
So, if you too have a loved one in your life, with whom you feel the world is beautiful, for that
person make this upcoming Valentine’s Day to be your special day. We will tell you here, how.

Go on a special date:

Date is the common thing every couple do. It’s actually meeting up outside to spend some quality
time together. But make your Valentine’s Day special and not like the other days. Go somewhere
where the crowd is less so that you two can spend some good time. Buy flowers and gift your girl as
every girl loves flower and so a bunch of fresh bright coloured flower will definitely bring happiness
to her day.

Plan a surprise:

If you love to surprise your partner or if you are love to receive surprises, this point is definitely for
you. Surprise your partner with something which is positive and something that brings happiness to
their face. For example, you can decorate your room artistically with flowers, balloons and lights.
And then invite your partner. This sudden lighting will surely take your partner to cloud nine on
Valentine’s Day.

Write love letters:

If your partner loves to read or listen to stories, you must try this idea. Write letters with your own
handwriting. In the age of computers and mobile phones, a love letter with own handwriting will
make your person the happiest one.

Gift something precious/ Make a customized gift:

Gifting and receiving one, is the best part about Valentine’s Day. From weeks before we start
thinking about what to gift on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it? So, on this special day, if your pocket permits
gift your partner something luxurious which you have never given before. It can be anything like a
phone to a diamond ring or a branded cigar box etc. The choice is yours. And if you want to be in a
limited budget, you can also opt for customized gifts for your partner. And trust me this is equally

Candle light dinner:

In your dating duration you might have visited many restaurants, but have you ever tried candle light
dinner with your partner? If no, this Valentine’s Day, make it happen. Check in to a good restaurant
that offers candle light dinner. And cage this beautiful precious moments in your hearts forever.

Make a tattoo of your beloved’s name:

Tattoo is the symbol of permanence. This Valentine’s day the best gift that you can gift to your
partner is by inking his/her name on any part of your body. This is really special since not many
couples dare to ink their body. Tattooing their names on the body will assure your partner of your
love for them.

Go for a short trip:

The next best thing you can do in your Valentine’s Day is to go for a short trip to somewhere nearby
where you can be out of your regular work for few days. That will brings closeness between you two.
So just days prior check out places over the internet and choose the best nearest location for a short

Propose your partner:

It is the last and the best thing that you should do, whether you are already married or yet to be
married. Proposing your partner will never go out of fashion. Where married or yet to be,
irrespective of your gender, propose your partner that you always wanted to, or as you did the first
time, kneeling down on your knees with a flower. Trust me, this will relive the past days and for the
new couple it will bring an extra mile of happiness on your partner’s face.
So, these were the ideas from my side. Which one did you like the most? Comment and let us know.

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