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PUBLISHED: January 22, 2019

Life in Delhi is fast. Hardly do people get time to focus on health. marathon is an effort to make people aware of their health. Marathon running is a very good trend in the big cities for attracting the people’s attention about their health, subsequently, emphasizes workouts. Upcoming marathon in Delhi is a run for everyone. People from across the globe can run in the upcoming marathon in Delhi. Organizers put some prizes for the first 3 winners in the marathon.

Meanwhile, if you want to complete and win the run, you have to train yourself with proper intakes.

Here are top 10 marathon running tips for you that will help you to get proper training for the upcoming marathon :-

1. Get you Suitable Stride:

The success in any run depends on the speed and perfect poise of the stride. The runner should find his/her technically suitable stride and then he/she should start running daily. It is not rocket science to get suitable. The basic rule is that the stride should not be too short, not too long, but just right as per your height.

3. Focus On Arm’s Angle

However, fitness trainers say that the short, choppy strides in waste energy and cover less distance, while an over-reaching stride will put extra pressure on your muscles which can be caused by nerve strain or ache. Meanwhile, the mantra to get perfect stride lies in focusing on your arm drive. During the run, maximize the speed with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle, driving them back and forth to full motion.

2. Choose Suitable Sneakers

A suitable pair of sneakers wins a run for you. Rather focusing on the brand of sneakers, you should pay heed on finding a pair of shoes that fit perfectly and helps you poising your strides. If you really want to win the marathon, do take time and find comfortable shoes because a little uncomfortable during the run will cost you to lose the marathon.

4. Perfect Socks

The sneakers alone cannot give you desirable results. A pair of suitable shocks is also very important. According to the weather and your skin sensitivity, you should purchase double layered socks from professional sports item store. Such socks prevent the dreaded blisters.

5. Do Other Workouts As Well

To win a marathon, don’t only run but also do some workout for wholesome fitness. Cross train workouts like- Cycling, Swimming, Aqua Jogging, Elliptical, and Nordic Skiing are very useful to make your every part of the body strong. A marathon victory needs a fully healthy body, so along with running do some extra exercise as well.

6. Focus on Bones

Bones of a runner should be very strong, so a runner should intake extra calcium. A good amount of calcium intake is essential, especially for female runners. Calcium fights against bone density problems which occur so often in distance athletes because of the low body-fat and excessive strain placed on your body due to excessive workout. Calcium laden supplement is very beneficial for the joints.

7. Go Slow

Running is a workout that requires long endure and stamina. One should start running with a short target and gradually increase the mileage as you progress. Few days before a marathon, one should increase one to two miles per week.

8. No Heels

The female runner should say good-bye to heels as they may help your legs look sexier, but high heels are harmful to you.

9. Tracking The Progress

Systematic progress ensures the victory in the marathon. So, the runner should track every development in the body.

10. Avoid Pollution As Much You Can

Though, it is difficult to avoid pollution as it prevailed everywhere. But one can shift or avoid that area which is earmarked as most pollutant area. A runner needs pure air so that their breathing capacity increase which ultimately helps in the running.

These are the best marathon running tips for you.

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