Dandiya in Pune

Navratri comes and there’s just one feeling all over. This year too, in keeping with the tradition, the celebrations are going to be an awesome in our city Pune. Starting on the first day of Navratri, the celebrations will be held for 9 days in September with the famous Orchestra & Disco Dandia Raas. Maa Durga is prayed during this ime and a fast of fruits and diet without onions and garlic is followed religiously. Sabudana Kheer is a famous dish ready with milk because of it's very famous or tasty. Apart from that sabudana vada, Kheer, kuttu ka atta, poori, aloo raita, bhindi sabzi are the usual dishes prepared when on a fast. It’s supposed to cleanse body and mind. Once again it’s that days of the year then night turns into day and also the town reverberates to the beat of numberiess drums. Come celebrate Dandiya this year at Dandiya night with Garba & Dandiya and DJ dance to the song of mind-blowing lila. The special attraction of the event will be the presence of live concert with spectacular singers. There will be food stalls, Mehandi stalls, photo booths and fancy props available at the event. So get ready to enjoy and tap to the Navratri dance, Dj, Dandiya, Garba event in Pune. Get ready for a crazy night with full enjoy After all, it is “Navratri” as the city knows it. Navratri is the one time of the year. Pune is a city that loves celebrations and Navratri is no exception. Navratri is just around the corner and it is time to plan your nights or days. So here are some of the best options for your Garba and Dandiya plans. Join us colourful chaniya cholis and kurtas as Garba reaches its craze during navratris with all ages person coming with together for this best traditional event. Many exciting prizes are waiting to be grabbed, where the night will be full of fun, frolic & live music band. Dance and swing in Garba Dandiya Raas which is a blend of Bollywood music and Live dance for all the fanatics and frenzied out there.