Holi Parties in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana and Punjab, is known for a highly vibrant social culture. Punjabis enjoy every festival with high spirit and of course loud music. Holi events in Chandigarh are celebrated in traditional Punjabi-style with Dhol and bhangra. 

People in Chandigarh play Holi in their own unique style called 'Hola Mohalla'. Such a Holi event in Chandigarh witnessed loud Punjabi music and shout (slogans) at the high note in the hangover of festive mood. Holi events see performances of martial arts Martial arts like archery, sword fencing, fancy horse-riding, tent-pegging, and the deft handling of other contraptions of offence. These traditional shows attract people from across India. Kushti at Holi event is also a major attraction. 

Holi festival lasts 2 days in Chandigarh as Sikhs celebrate Hola Mohalla a day after main Holi. People of Sikh community dress up in a long tunic of bright deep blue, an elaborate turban, sometimes of enormous size banded with strips of bright yellow. 

As no festival is completed without tasty foods, people in Chandigarh cook Holi special mouthwatering halwas, puris, gujias, raw jack fruit and malpuas.

Chandigarh does offer modern-styled Holi events. The city has world-class pubs and bars that offer features like- popular DJ’s, non-stop Rain dance, live Dhol, singing performance by top singers, balloon fights and organic colors. 

So, if you are glamour lover, you can book tickets of upcoming Holi parties in Chandigarh. Event organizers build a Holi special set up for celebrating the festival of color in a Bollywood Holi song like atmosphere. 

Additionally, as Chandigarh is one of the cleanest cities, you can take your family and friends to play Holi in the unpolluted city. So, don’t be late, do book tickets for upcoming Holi on and make this festival memorable.