Holi Parties in Goa

Goa, the topmost tourist sport in India, shows a different character during Holi festival. Though, the society of Goa, mostly, follows Western cultures- Portuguese and British, the festival of colors Holi is celebrated with the full zest and zeal.

Since Goa is a tourist place, all hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars make a special arrangement to attract maximum numbers of visitors from across the world.

The flavor of Holi sweetens in the city as Goans celebrate a local form of Holi called Shigmo. The festival, celebrated mostly by the masses, sees performances on drumbeats and epic enactment of mythology.

During the festival, the entire atmosphere becomes every colorful vivid. The city is filled with vibrant colors of gulal and neel following smearing colors to each other.

Shigmo festival is the icing on the cake as the entire Goa enjoys the performances of troupes in the form of parades and cultural dramas.

At evening, people participate in massive effigy processions. These effigies are very creative showing the rich tradition and culture of Goa. People in a huge number flock to play Holi at Panaji, Mapusa, Vasco Da Gama, and Margao.

World class restaurants at Goans beaches make Holi special set-ups offering a stage where you can enjoy the festival with great jubilation.

Goans’ traditional Holi gives you an opportunity to enjoy the festival in a different way compares to North India.

However, the city also cares about the choice of youth and offers glamorous Holi parties with live music concert with cocktails and your favorite drinks. At evening you can enjoy light bonfires with dried leaves, twigs and wood on the full moon night. Organizers invite artists- singers, dancers, and actors to perform at the Holi events in Goa. You can book online tickets on for upcoming Holi events in Goa.