Holi Parties In India

Holi in India is around the corner. The country geared up to celebrate the festival of colors with great zest and zeal. Holi celebration in India attracts people from across the world.

As our country is multicultural, people celebrate Holi in India in different traditional ways. Holi parties in India are featured with so many enjoyable activities.  Rain dance, folk music, pool parties, Dahi handi programs are prime factors that make Holi events in India very special.

Parts of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh witnesses Lathmar Holi in which women are equipped with lathis or canes and hit men or boys playfully and men defend by using shield during this celebration.

People in Northeast India and West Bengal celebrated as Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra. In Basant Utsav, women primarily dress in the yellow color and they play with colors and sing and dance traditionally. People in UP and Bihar celebrate Holi in a very loud and vibrate way which is popularly known as Phaguwa.

Other types of Holi are Dola in Odisha, Shigmo in Goa, Yaosang in Manipur, Baithaki Holi or Khadi Holi in Uttrakhand, Hola Mohalla in Punjab,  Manjal Kuli or Ukuli in Kerala and Rang Panchami or Shimga in Maharashtra.

As no festival is completed without delicious foods, India’s restaurants offer a Holi special menu, including all type of beverages at very reasonable rates. 

Big cities bring a concept of Holi events that offer Bollywood-style Holi parties in which you can enjoy rain dance and other activities. Organizers provide delicious foods and amazing beverages, including cocktails and mocktails.