Holi Parties in Kolkata

West Bengal’s capital Kolkata is known for its very vibrant culture. Bengalis celebrate every festival with the extravaganza. So, the Holi parties in Kolkata also meet the expectation as the organizers arrange Holi events in Kolkata with Bengali flavors.


When it is said Bengali flavor, it manifests rich foods and traditional practices. Kolkata, known as the cultural capital of India, offers traditional Holi with lots of color and community dances and folk songs.


People plan the celebration of Holi festival and they collect ‘chanda’ (donation) and make large set up in the community park. They throng at the park and smear color each other. Women actively participate in the Holi events in Kolkata.


Modern pubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants add ice in the cake by offering many exclusive festival special features in the Holi parties in Kolkata. They invite visitors to celebrate Holi with friends and family members. So, if you are in a cultural city, do plan for upcoming Holi events in Kolkata. Upcoming Holi parties in Kolkata are golden opportunity to enjoy the ages-old Bengali traditional Holi.


Organizers invite artists- singers, dancers, and actors to perform at the Holi events. You can book online tickets for upcoming Holi events in Kolkata.  Live concert and other amusement programs on Holi are additional options in the city.


The upcoming Holi party in Kolkata 2019 is set to give you a lifetime experience as all hotels and restaurants geared up to make the festival of colors very special for you.


World-class glamorous ambiance, Bengali music, fishes, mocktail, cocktail and bhang drink are the major attractions of the hotels in Holi festival.   


So, whether you are tradition lover or modern style lover, the capital city of West Bengal has hot glamorous Holi parties and rich traditional Holi events in Kolkata for you.


Organizers in the city arrange gala festival parties, where you can take your family and friends to play Holi together.