Holi Parties in Mumbai

The maximum city of India Mumbai is a perfect place to celebrate the upcoming Holi events as Mumbaikars go high spirited arranging Dahi handi programs. The major attraction of Holi parties in Mumbai is Dahi Handi, in which people make a human pyramid and break Dahi Handi (curd pot hanging at a certain height). Holi in Mumbai also called as Ranga Panchami in Maharashtra is celebrated enthusiastically with colors.

The first biggest festival in the new year attracts people from across society. People live in big societies or apartments hires event organizers, who make the Holi party in Mumbai more electrifying and exciting. Who can forget filmy Holi party celebration, in the Bollywood movie Baghban, superstar Amitabh Bachchan and actress Hema Malini play Holi on the ‘Hori Khele Raghuveera song’.  The song depicts how a Holi party celebration in Mumbai goes.

Hotels, pubs, bars and event organizers make special Holi events in Mumbai. They offer very attractive Holi special bonanzas for their customers. 

Meanwhile, Hotels and amusement parks arrange Holi parties in Mumbai, which are the golden opportunity to make your this Holi festival memorable. One can book online Holi events in Mumbai tickets. The festival of color is an event of harmony and love, so do invite your gang of friends or family members and book the tickets of upcoming Holi parties in Mumbai. Holi parties in Mumbai 2019 will be also special in the city as pubs and bars invite Bollywood singers and actors to perform in the Holi events.

The world-class pubs, bars, restaurants and lower end hotels to 5-star hotels all are up to make your Holi events in Mumbai very special. Though the city is very expensive, there are some restaurants and bars that offer Holi parties tickets at an affordable rate.

So, don’t miss the wonderful to enjoy larger than life Holi event in Mumbai and gear up for a wonderful Holi party in the city of dreams- Mumbai.