Holi Parties in Pune

Pune, India’s one of the cleanest cities in India, celebrates Holi festival with great zest and zeal. Holi parties in Pune invites everyone to have fun and joyful moments. Since Pune is a cosmopolitan city, it gives a flavor of mix culture during Holi parties. So, no matter you are from which culture, Holi events in Pune will not allow you to miss your home town as these events arrange an amazing blend of all cultures.  

Hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars like- Holi events at lawn Meadows, The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi  organize Holi special events featuring  best DJs of India,  video DJs from Mumbai, best Bollywood and Holi special folk music,  live music mixing on huge LED Walls along with 3D Mapping & Projections, best Sound,  Selfie Booth, etc.

As no festival is completed without delicious foods, Pune’s restaurants offer Holi special menu, including all type of beverages at very reasonable rates.  The Holi-stage is equipped with color blasts and color shower. They offer organic and vegetable colors which are good for the health of skins.  A group of 25 artists presents Puneri Dhol Performance which is very popular in Maharashtra. 

Pune is a perfect place to celebrate the upcoming Holi events as people in the city go high spirited arranging Dahi handi programs. The major attraction of Holi parties in Maharashtra is Dahi Handi, in which people make a human pyramid and break Dahi Handi (curd pot hanging at a certain height). Holi in Pune is also called as Ranga Panchami which is celebrated enthusiastically with colors in throughout Maharashtra.

Organizers arrange film-like Holi celebration.  You can enjoy the Holi like in the film Baghban, superstar Amitabh Bachchan and actress Hema Malini play Holi on the ‘Holi Khele Raghuveera song’.