Marathon in Gurugram

Marathon event in Gurugram is one of the biggest public events. Gurugram is a suitable city for such a running event because the city has wide roads and open area. Despite the presence of big apartments and corporate towers, Haryana’s city is not as dense as other NCR cities are. Gurugram has very good tracks for running. Moreover, the city has attractive greenery areas which give fresh air. This is one of the major reasons that attract event organizers to hold running events in Gurugram
However, like other NCR cities, the lifestyle of Gurugram is also not very nature-friendly and they are leading toward unhealthy daily routine. People have no time for running or outdoor activities. The unhealthy lifestyle is one of the causes of prevailing obesity and overweight.  Marathon is a part of a campaign that reminds people about their health. The running event in Gurugram is a boon for the people as it offers a stage to test their health-level. Being one of the corporate cities of the country, people in Gurugram live under immense work pressure.  
Running is always a kind of stress killer and it improves mental health. Runners from other countries too come and participate in the running events in Gurugram.  As the city houses of many MNCs and other corporate offices, the running events get sponsorship from them. Employees of these organizations also participate in the running events.  Many Bollywood actors and other celebrities participate in the event to promote health-related campaigns. So, by participating in a running event, you are not only giving benefits to your body but also helping society on health causes.