Marathon in Noida

Marathon event in Noida is one of the biggest public events involving a huge number of people. As Noida is one of the NCR cities, the lifestyle of Noida people is not very nature-friendly and they are leading toward unhealthy daily routine. People have no time for running or outdoor activities. The unhealthy lifestyle is one of the causes of prevailing of obesity.  Marathon is a part of a campaign that reminds people about their health. The running event in Noida is a boon for the people as it provides a stage to test their health-level. Being one of the industrial cities of the country, the city has an extra workload which reflects in the rising numbers of overweight people. 
Marathon event is a kind of stress killer and you can rejuvenate yourself by participating in the event. Noida witnesses national and international running events every now and then. Runners from other countries too come and participate in the running events in Noida.  We should accept that the modern lifestyle and 9 am to 5 pm office have reduced the outdoor activities. Our body is accustomed to sitting on the chair and the vehicles. The result is, we hardly walk or run.  So, if you are in Nodia, do register yourself for the upcoming marathon in the city. Don’t forget to take children with you as it is necessary to make them aware of the benefits of running. The metro city offers some big marathon events where you can have a great time.