Marathon Races IN Mumbai

₹ 349 Onwards
Run For Flamingos Half Marathon
2 Feb (Sun) | 5:30 PM
Mumbai | 203

Marathon Races IN OTHER CITIES

₹ 650 Onwards
Run For Rivers
2 Feb (Sun) | 5:00 AM
Noida | 2074
19 Jan (Sun) | 5:00 PM
Noida | 205
21 Dec (Sat) | 10:00 PM
Uttarakhand | 55
₹ 525 Onwards
2 Feb (Sun) | 4:30 PM
Pune | 24
₹ 1450 Onwards
24 Hour Stadium Run Thane 2020
8 Feb (Sat) | 11:00 PM
Pune | 33

Marathon Races In Mumbai

Marathon is extremely challenging but entertaining physical activity. Not every person can like marathon races however fitness enthusiasts are always excited for this. Marathon seems a competition with fellow runners but psychologically it’s also a competition with ourselves whether we can reach till the end or not. Crossing the finishing line always gives oneself a sense of victory all the time, no exception, but more fun is added when you get a prize for winning too. Many organizations organize Marathon races for social cause too. So if you are a fitness enthusiast don’t forget to check for all the races scheduled in your city this month.